Week 13 Update

Chestnut class have been very creative in art this term; we have been learning about ammonites. The last couple of weeks we been researching, sketching, sculpting and then painting our very own fossils. Today, we have been reflecting on our creations, thinking about what went well and what we’d like to improve on. In English, we have started our new unit based on the book ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. We have been thinking about the characters personalities as well as how their feeling towards each other change throughout the book in order to write a piece of dialogue. In outdoor learning this week, Jennie taught us how to make two different kinds of bird feeders using apples and lard. We also learnt about many different species of birds that live in the UK. We had a fabulous time! ‘





Week 12 Update

This week Chestnut class have been preparing to write their own character descriptions of the wolf in our focus book ‘Wolves’ by Emily Gravett. We have been exploring powerful adjectives that we can use when writing expanded noun phrases. On Monday, we concluded our fraction unit and have begun addition using a written format. We have been thinking about the value of each number when adding two 3-digit numbers together and gaining confidence each lesson! Whilst in outdoor learning we have been learning about the different types of nest birds and squirrels make and deciding which one we wanted to re-create. We had such fun exploring the different natural materials that wildlife use when making their homes.

Week 11 Update

Chestnut class have had a brilliant start to the new term. In English, we are reading the book ‘Wolves’ my Emily Gravett to help us write a character description. We have been identifying which parts of the book are fact and which parts are fiction and have also been expressing our opinion on the characters in the book. In Maths, we have been learning to order and compare fractions using pictorial images to help us understand, whilst in outdoor learning today the children made their own composts. They gathered sticks, leaves, dug up mud with a folk and even searched for a worm or 2. Chestnut class thoroughly enjoyed this session, even if they did get rather muddy

Week 10 Update

Chestnut class are continuing to get in the Christmas spirit this week by preparing to write a story on the video clip ‘Mog’s Christmas calamity’. We have been thinking about the order of each event in the clip and interpreting the feelings and actions of Mog the cat. In geography we have been learning about the 4 layers of our planet, exploring how hot each layer is and what each layer is made up of. In outdoor learning we were also getting into the festive spirit as Jennie taught us how to make wreaths using willow branches and a range of leaves and plants. The children had great fun learning this new skill.

Week 9 Update

We have had a great start to the week in Chestnut class. In English, we have been getting into the Christmas spirit by coming up with ideas on the best way to get a glimpse of Santa on Christmas eve using the book ‘How to Catch Santa’ by Jean Reagan as a stimulus. The children have had great fun thinking of the wildest yet effective way to catch him. In maths, we have just begun our subtraction unit where we have been using our knowledge of number facts to help us work the calculation out. Meanwhile in outdoor learning, we have been learning about how trees grow as well as having the opportunity to plant our very own. We have placed them in the window of our classroom and we look forward to watching them grow as the year progresses.

Week 8 Update

This week in Chestnut class we have been continuing to learn the story ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward in preparation for writing our own versions of the story next week. In maths, we are learning our 4 times tables. In Science, we have been using our knowledge of the bones in the human body to understand the importance of our joints. We even tried to have a drink of water without bending our elbow or wrist- it was impossible. Today in our outdoor learning with Jenny, we have been learning about native animals including the badger, fox and squirrel. We explored the outdoor area looking for clues that they have left behind, such as bones, footprints and half eaten or scratched nuts.

Week 7 Update

Chestnut class has thoroughly enjoyed labelling and learning about the bones in a human body this week. In maths, the children are learning the 3 times tables whilst in English they are finishing writing up their diaries as George from the Dragon Machine by Helen Ward.

Week 6 Update

Chestnut Class have had Willow this week. He has been helping to us learn about diary entries based on the story of the Dragon Machine. In maths, we are continuing to learn about properties of shape with a focus on 3D shapes. In our outdoor learning session, we learnt about the different species of bees and planted some bulbs so that when the bees come out of hibernation, they have something to eat.

Week 5 Update

Chestnut class have been busy this week in Science undertaking an experiment on different items of foods including nuts, crackers, chocolate and rice cakes to see which has the highest level of fat in them. We have also doing some outdoor learning where the children worked in groups to make Mandelas (see in pictures). In english we have just finishing writing our own free verse poem whilst in maths we continue to explore the property of shapes.

Week 4 Update

Chestnut class have been really busy since our last post. In English, we have been planning, writing and editing our own instruction text on ‘How to be a good leader’, In maths we have been naming and exploring angles. We have also had lots of fun sculpting god and goddesses out of clay (see pictures). Today in outdoor learning, we gathered some leaves and did some leaf rubbing (see pictures). We are looking forward the fun and learning heading our way for the rest of this week.

Week 3 Update

Chestnut class had a wonderful time during our outdoor learning yesterday. We were learning about the different types of trees including birch, oak, chestnut and sycamore then discovering which they could find in the playground. We also used the leaves of the trees we found to make crowns. We are looking forward to next week with Jennie.’

Week 2 Update

Today has been an exciting day for Chestnut class. It was our first outdoor learning session with Jennie from the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. During this session, the children learnt about some animals that are either native or non-native to the UK (such as the grey squirrel); designed wood cookies which the children decorated and wrote their names on and exploring the play area for resources such as flowers and plants that can be used to stick onto their animal mask (see picture). The children are very much looking forward to our next session.

Week 1 Update

Week commencing 12th September
In Chestnut class this term we are learning about Gods and Mortals in Ancient Greece. Today in English the children were working in Groups to design a Poster about one of the God or Goddess they have learnt about.

Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to the new school year. There have been some big changes at Willow Primary Academy, we have moved from a mixed year classes to a single form class. In year 3, Mrs Morgan-Partridge (Mrs M-P) will be teaching alongside Miss Pearce and Mrs Cornwall.
There is a new topic each term beginning with Gods and Mortals based on the Ancient Greeks. In term 2 our topic will be Rocks, Relics and Rumbles while the summer term (term 3) topic is Emperors and Empires.
We look forward to welcoming the Children back to school and remember to join our dojo page