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Welcome to Acorn Class

Reception at Willow Primary Academy is where your child will experience an engaging curriculum, based on real life experiences and their own interests.  We value the importance of talk and new vocabulary, which is why our curriculum is driven by high-quality texts.

Our Early Years environment promotes curiosity; encouraging our pupils to be risk takers, problem solvers and critical thinkers.   It supports children in learning about the world and exploring their surroundings to build on their knowledge and experiences. It is important that the environment meets the individual needs of all children and offers opportunities for engagement, investigation and exploration.

Our main aim is to ensure your child feels safe, happy and secure and that they have the building blocks to enable them to succeed as they begin their journey into Key Stage One.

We hope you enjoy finding out about all of the fun things we get up to in Reception.


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Early Years and Key Stage One Leader and Reception Teacher

Lisa Simmonds

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Learning Partner

Ingrid Tanner

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Learning Partner

Sophie Purveur

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Learning Partner

Fiona Fan

Our Curriculum

This is what we will be learning about at school this term:

Me and My Community:

Me and My Community Overview for parents

Goldilocks and the Three Bears:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Overview for parents

Exploring Autumn:

Exploring Autumn Overview for parents

Let’s Explore:

Exploring Autumn Overview for parents (2)


Learning at Home

Learning at Home

  • Your child has a green phonics book in their book bag.  Please practise the sounds dated on a regular basis.  Your child could also practise the letter formation of the sounds taught, using the rhyme written in the book.
  • Your child also has a lilac wordless book to help them develop their communication skills and their ability to hold a book and retell a story in the correct sequence.  Please encourage your child to look at the pictures and explain what is happening.
  • Don’t forget to read the book your child has chosen from the book corner.  This is a book to read for pleasure and enjoyment. Use different voices to make it sound exciting or funny.  Find somewhere cosy, snuggle up and enjoy reading to your child.  They will love it!
  • All reading needs to be recorded in your child’s yellow reading record, which will be checked weekly.  Your child will earn Pride points when they read lots at home!

Useful Documents for Parents

Below are some documents which will help parents to support their child with phonics at home:

The links below provide parents with an overview of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Early Learning Goals that pupils are assessed against at the end of Reception.

There is also a link to activities you could try at home that are linked to the different areas of the Early Years profile.  If you try any of these activities at home, please upload them to Tapestry for us to see!