National Curriculum

We endeavor to adapt the National Curriculum to best meet the needs of the pupils in all areas, we set high expectations for the pupils and provide support to reach them. The school has a two-tier assessment procedure with general formative and summative assessments in the core areas of the curriculum, English and Maths, alongside pupil’s views. Further to this, we have a suite of more diagnostic assessments to identify more specific needs and to form the basis of the measure of success within an intervention.


We aim to complete interventions within the classroom whenever possible to ensure that they are inclusive and are linked to the learning in class as is best practice. The interventions and support offered are designed around the individual needs of the pupil nd links to their specific plans

Reading & Phonics

Reading and Phonics are a key part of our curriculum at Willow Primary Academy. We believe that the key to success in education is developing sound reading skills that unlock the rest of the curriculum.