Week 14, 2023 - 2024

It has been a strange week as I seemed to have not been to school this week. Dad started off teaching on Monday but then he received an important phone call and had some visitors in school. I thought it was best I left Dad to it for this.

I was delighted to read on the newsletter about attendance in Birch. Elm and Oak this week and getting over 97%. Well done everyone!!!

Week 13, 2023 - 2024

It seems that I forgot to write up blog from last week. I am not sure quite what happened there . . . maybe it was the shock of being back at school after Christmas. Dad and I have a focus this half term and that is on behaviour and attendance. To be able to get the best out of school we need a high level of attendance alongside strong behaviour to ensure that we get the best out of all of our lessons. It is great to see the children that are achieving this.

It was strange in school this week without Elm Class as they went off on their residential. From the photos I saw it looked like they had an amazing time!

Week 12, 2023 - 2024

What a busy week it has been at Willow Primary Academy and The Piepr Centre in the build up to Christmas. It has been great to see so many people come into school for the performances! I asked Dad how many people had come in and he told me we had 98 people to watch the Nativity, 180 come and watch The Wizard of Oz and 38 come and celebrate Christmas with The Piper Centre. Thsi week we also had a Christmas lunch and lots of classes enjoyed Christmas celebrations and parties today!

Week 11, 2023 - 2024

This week the Christmas spirit is building, It has been great seeing all of the children in their Christmas jumpers and they have all been practicing hard for either the Nativity or the Christmas Play. I am sure the families are in for a treat when they come and watch the plays next week. Dad has been thinking a lot about attendance and working on a plan to continue to improve this. I wonder if any classes next week could shock him and achieve 100% attendance!!! What a great Christmas present that would be!!!

Week 10, 2023 - 2024

The excitement is certainly building towards Christmas. We have decorated Willow this week and there are trees in a number of places including Dad’s office. He would like some more decorations for his tree so if anyone wishes to make any that would be great! We are having lots of excitement with rehearsals for the Nativity and Christmas Performance. It is great to hear all the signing and I am sure the children will blow you away with their performances. I heard there was some present wrapping going on today but no one bought me a present! Maybe I will get some more doggie treats for Christmas!

Week 9, 2023 - 2024

It has been a strange week as I haven’t been at school every day. Dad has been to Birmingham on a Conference about Inclusion on Monday. Dad was excited by some of the ideas that have been shared and is looking forward to sharing these with the Leadership Team at Willow. On Tuesday Dad and I met the Headteacher from Beech Green Primary School who was interested in finding out more about our approach to behaviour management at Willow. It is good when staff at Willow can share their best practice with other schools. On Thursday Dad went to a meeting with the other Headteachers from SAND. I decided to stay at school. Sometimes meetings are not the most interesting of places! I keep hearing children singing in school and seems like they are getting ready for some amazing Christmas performances!

Week 8, 2023 - 2024

Swimming continued this week which culminated in the children practicing swimming in pyjamas. What an amazing experience it has been for the children. I have visited two other schools this week with Dad. It is always great to meet new people. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with Benji.

Week 7, 2023 - 2024

It has been another busy week at Willow. So much is happening! I arrived on Monday and saw all these children suddenly getting changed into swimming costumes! Nobody told me we were getting a swimming pool, probably a good job as I don’t really like water. We have also had a number of events this week including odd socks, cross country and Children in Need. The children looked great today in all of the different outfits. I was also part of the review of Early Years this week. Dad has just received the report and his favourite quote was, ‘Early Years provision at Willow Primary Academy is securely Good, with elements of Outstanding when judging against the Ofsted school inspection handbook 2023’.

Week 6, 2023 - 2024

It has been great to be back in school and see all of the children. We have even welcomed some more new children to Willow and it has been great to meet them. I attended a very wet football match last night. I was lucky as I was able to stay in the car but Dad told me how well the players did in some very horrible weather conditions. I am for a relaxing weekend and hope you manage to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Week 5, 2023 - 2024

It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote. I wasn’t very well a couple of weeks. I got a nasty infection near my eye. I am all better now. I have loved being looked after by the Prefects. I do love my job at Willow.

Week 4, 2023 - 2024

Dad and I have had a great week. It was great to meet with the Pupil Leadership Team this week and agree their roles and responsibilities. I can’t wait for one of them to look after me at lunchtimes. Dad and I have had a number of meetings this week and it is always great to meet new people. The meeting about lunches sounded exciting as they are looking at increasing the portion size for Key Stage 2 and improving the salad bar as well. I hope the kids like it! They also talked about doing a parents tasting session. I wish they would do one for dogs!!!

Week 3, 2023 - 2024

It has been a really busy and I have been out a new trips during the last week as well. I went with Dad to deliver some training to our new school with SAND Academies Trust, Sladewood Academy. It was great to go and visit a different school and I think I convinced to get a school dog! We also went to the Head Offices of SAND Academies Trust to meet the other Headteachers and members of the Central Team. I do love going as I walways get treated by Annette Fidderman.

In school this week, Dad has met with all the teaches to set targets for children’s progress over the next year. We will have to work really hard to achieve these. The Willow football team played very well in the second round of the 7-a-side tournament but did not qualify for the finals. They should be proud of their achievements. Finally, this week it was great to hear that Acorn Class went to their first PRIDE Assembly. It is great to see how they have settled into school!

Week 2, 2023 - 2024

It ahs been another great week. My highlight this week was going with the Football Team to Kingsway Primary School to watch them play in the 7 a side tournament. They played so well and finished runner up. Dad told me that Willow are hosting the second round and we look forward to playing Upton, Elmbridge and Hardwicke. School has been so busy and it is great seeing all the new children settle in, especially the new children in Reception. I was in the office will Dad and Mrs. Tonks interviewed the applicants for Head Boy and Head Girl. They all did so well and should be extremely proud of themselves. A huge well done to Lola, Willow, AJ and Cain for being appointed Head Boy and Head Girl. We have also chosen our Prefects Anayah, Alisha, Obidullah, Samuel, Winter, Violet, Jazmyn, Summer, Efe, Sam, Shia and Leah. I can’t wait to meet the Pupil Leadership Team.

Week 1, 2023 - 2024

Well, it has been a shock being back at school. When Dad told me we were going to work and it was nearly 30 degrees I really didn’t believe him. I thought I should be lying in the shade somewhere but I put my harness on and got in the car to come to school. It has been great being back at school and seeing all of the children and meeting lots of new friends. It has been such a great start to term with the children starting off so well and really demonstrating the PRIDE Values when it comes to their learning and all that they have been taking part in. I have enjoyed spending time in both Willow and The Piper Centre and had a great visit to Green Class on Thursday. Today, I even got to go and meet the new children in Acorn Class. I met both groups of children and I can’t wait to see them next week when they will be in school every morning. I am looking forward to such an exciting year at Willow and The Piper Centre!

Week 33, 2022 - 2023

Well it doesn’t seem to have stopped raining this week. We eventually managed to hold a Sports Day yesterday and I heard that all the children tried their absolite best and showed all of the PRIDE Values. This always makes me happy to hear!!

I missed Tuesday at school as Dad had a meeting offsite to begin planning for next year but I heard that Miss Powell and Miss Flynn did a great job rapping following the session by Increase the Peace

I can’t believe we only have 7 days of school left before the Summer Holidays!!! Next week will be very exciting with all the events for our Year 6 Leavers starting.

Week 32, 2022 - 2023

Last week was very exciting!! We had so many visitors into school alongside some trips.

I went with Acorn Class on a train from Gloucester to Cheltenham. I was very well-behaved but Acorn Class did a great job looking after me. Classes also went to Kidzania and Dinky Street but I wasn’t able to go on these trips. Dad told me that they all demonstrated the PRIDE Values.

What a great week!!!


Week 31 Update, 2022 - 2023

I had a day off on Monday as Dad had to go and visit another school in SAND. He spent some time at Milestone. It is always great when the expertise from Willow Primary Academy is used at other schools. Dad has spent time in other classes this week and it has been great to hear the feedback to the teachers. It was also great to meet one of the Trustees, who had a very good tour of the school. We are very excited about Careers Week next week!

Week 30 Update, 2022 - 2023

This week I have now been a school dog at Willow for one year. That year has gone by so quickly and I have seen the school grow and develop so much. There are great opportunities for the children for learning both inside and outside of school and that is really helping with the children making progress. I was lucky to be in the office when the Local Authority moderated some of the writing by Year 6. It was great to hear that the judgements of the Local Authority matches the Year 6 teacher at Willow. She seemed to really know the children well and their strengths and areas for development.

Make sure you are smart for Monday 26th June as it is class photos. I will get myself ready and get Dad to give me a good brush!

Week 29 Update, 2022 - 2023

Wow!! I was just looking at how long ago I gave you an update. Sorry I have been quiet, my paws 🐾 must have been tired 😫!

Last week, we had a review of school and my favourite comment from the team was, ‘We had a lovely day at Willow, and you can feel a real sense of everyone driving for the same goal. By and large, what we saw feels like you should be seeking a good.’ I am so pleased as this is what the children deserve.

This week has been so hot 🔥🥵. Some lunchtimes I have had to come back inside as it is too warm. I did try to help myself to some lunch but got caught by Amy. I am just not quick enough.

Have a great weekend!

Residential Day 3

Wow, residentials are tiring! I have enjoyed all the company but all this time outside has made me and Cody very tired!

Today we did lots of climbing. The children had to wear harnesses and helmets. The crate stack looked great fun but I am not sure I would have been very balanced!

I hope all the children sleep well. I know I will!!

Residential Day 2

I have had another fun filled day at residential. I love being outside with the children. This morning I chilled in the sun watching the kids do air rifles.

For the second part of the morning Dad had a go at doing the low ropes. He tried hard!!

This afternoon we managed three different activities. The children tried some team building activities. They showed great determination and perseverance. They then went into the tunnels. Dad enjoyed this but I got a little scared of the tunnels and the giant dogs.

We finished the day with a Camp Fire and big game of hide and seek!

Residential Day 1

Today, Dad and I travelled to The Wilderness Centre today. It was a fairly short journey and we arrived at a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. There are lot of places to explore and lots of new smells. I have met some cattle and chickens but I wasn’t sure about these new animals. Lunchtime was great as some of the children kept feeding me some sandwiches and sausage rolls.

I loved the walk this afternoon and it was great to explore the woods. It is great to see the children having fun together especially sticking sticky weed on each other!!!

Week 28, 2022 - 2023

Apologies that I am only just writing this. I must have been tired last night. It has been another fun filled week at Willow with the highlight being the trip to Cattle Country with all other schools in SAND Academies Trust. Dad told me all about it as I was not able to go.

Next week Willow and I are going on the Year 6 residential to the Wilderness Centre. We are very excited and can’t wait to tell you all about it.


Week 27, 2022 - 2023

Another week is done but again another short week as I had Monday off!

This week I have been seeing how the Year 6 children have got on with their SAT’s tests. They have shown all of the PRIDE Values this week and have had a brilliant attitude to ensuring they achieve the very best. Some of the tests were very tricky but they were all determined.

Last night Dad took a group of Year 2 and Year 3 children for a football festival. They showed some real skill and fought back after losing the first four games to win one and draw one to finish. A remarkable achievement!

Week 26, 2022 - 2023

It has been a short week this week as we had a day off on Monday. It was nice to have a day off and spend the day with my best friend Benji.

During the week, I have visited Head Office a couple of times with Dad. It is always good going there as I get lots of fuss and Annette Fidderman often gives me treat or a biscuit. It always helps a meeting go quickly when I have some food.

The Coronation celebration was great and it was brilliant to see so many parents and wider family members in school. I did visit the hall at the end of the picnic to help tidy up!

Enjoy the celebrations over the weekend for the Coronation.

Week 25, 2022 - 2023

I have certainly been out and about this week. On Monday I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of other schools within SAND. I firstly visited Belmont where Dad met one of the staff so they could discuss some training. I didn’t get to meet any of the children but maybe next time! We then went onto Paternoster and I made friends with some of the children. It was great to meet them!

We have had lots going on at Willow this week and one of my highlights was the Coronation Dance that the children were learning. You should ask them to show you! We also had Montague Academy delivering some PE Assessments for the children and Dad was so pleased to get the following message from Keiran Montague:

There is a real feeling of calmness in the school nowadays and the staff are all so welcoming. The behaviour of the kids was exceptional and an absolute credit to you and the work you are doing.

On Friday I visited Knoll Care Home with four children from Elm Class. They took their work and read to the residents and I was given a biscuit. It was great to put a smile on people’s faces!

Week 24, 2022 - 2023

I am really tied after such a busy. I had forgotten how hard it was being a school dog after two weeks off. My week started with some in the Piper Centre and in Rainbow Class. I had such a great time as you can see from the photo below:

Dad has finished the week with two busy days with visitors who have been supporting with school improvement work for both Willow and The Piper Centre. Willow’s curriculum for History sounds really exciting and it was great to listen to all the plans for Curriculum development for The Piper Centre. It is so much help when people come into school to help to make improvements!

Have a great weekend!

Week 23, 2022 - 2023

There has been so such excitement at school this week. It began at the weekend as Dad went off with some boys from Year 5 and Year 6 as Willow were in the final of the GPSFA Small Schools Knockout Final. he told me the boys put in a great performance and came out 3 – 0 winners. Today, they even featured in the newspaper. Well done to all the boys!

I helped judge the Spring Competition. There were so many good entries it was difficult to choose the winners but well done to everyone that won.

I have also made some new friends this week as Dad met Zoe and Liz from the SAND Central Team. They came to meet with Dad to talk about all things linked to HR. I know Dad appreciate their support. I have also been to SAND Central Office and saw the other Headteachers, the School Improvement Lead and the CEO. I do like going there as Annette (School Improvement Lead) always feeds me treats. It does make the meeting go well!!!

Week 22, 2022 - 2023

We have had another busy week at Willow. On Monday I was involved in an audit of our Health and Safety. It was great to see all of the good things we are doing to keep children safe. I was given a day off on Tuesday as Dad was out of school working with other Headteachers from SAND Academy Trust. I am sure he will tell me what he was doing at some point. Dad interviewed for some further Learning Partners this week and we were so impressed with the quality of the candidates so did appoint both people. Finally, this week we had some visitors in school looking at our Science curriculum. Dad and I were not involved but we did hear how great the children were.



Week 21, 2022 - 2023

Willow has been all about sport this week. We have had two football matches and have won both. We beat Norton Primary School on Monday 3 – 2 on penalties after a great game that ended 2 – 2. On Wednesday we went to visit Harewood Junior School and we won 4 – 0. Dad was really pleased with the results!

This week Dad has been spending a lot of time in classes and Piper Centre looking at the learning that has been happening. He has been so impressed with the behaviour and attitudes of the learning. Some of their knowledge is absolutely fantastic as well!

Today, Dad met with Debbie Innis who was undertaking a Safeguarding Audit of the school. It was great to hear all the positives of the school and hear that Willow is great at keeping children safe.

Week 20, 2022 - 2023

Wow! This has been a busy week. The children in school have been focusing on reading due to World Book Day. They have had the opportunity to visit the local library, have a story session with their families and had a visit from Matt Abbott, who is an author. I have heard that he has written a poem about our PRIDE values. I can’t wait for Dad to receive the finished poem and he is already thinking about how this can be performed to share with our families. I have heard this week that Elm Class have been learning about mummification, which sounds utterly disgusting.

Dad has been super busy this week so today as he was busy interviewing I took myself out at breaktime to play with the children. I did though forget to tell him where I was going and he was worried that I had gone missing. I don’t know why he didn’t check outside!!!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Week 19, 2022 -2 023

It has been great to be back at school this week. I certainly missed the children during my week off. I especially missed trying to find all the food outside at playtime. The children have been really ready to learn this week. Dad asked them to remember our three golden rules during assembly on Monday and I have seen lots of children following this week remembering and following these and demonstrating our PRIDE values. This always makes me so happy!

I hope that you all have a great break over half term and have a good time as the family. I hope the weather is nice so I can go on lots of long walks with my best mate Benji. See you on Monday 27th February.

Week 18 Update, 2022 - 2023

I have missed coming to school this week and seeing all the amazing learning and activities. I was looking forward to Dress to Express but I have seen some photos which are great! So this week, I have been at home with my best friend, Benji, while Dad has been learning how to be a Team Teach tutor. He has successfully passed his training course and I am excited to come back to school next week. Have a great weekend!

Week 16 Update, 2022 - 2023

It is the first time in a while that I have done a full week in school and I am certainly ready for the weekend. I have had lots of important meetings this week. Towards the beginning of the week I met with the Local Advisory Board and shared all the successes going on but we particularly focused on The Piper Centre and writing. It is great to share the good news with our growing group but Dad thinks it would be great to have a parent on Local Advisory Board. Let Dad know if you are interested.

On Wednesday it was great to have the opportunity to show Julie Kent, MBE around school. She is from the charity Pied Piper and we are hoping to develop our relationships (she said she may even bring me some dog treats) with them so that they can support a project that we would like to consider at the school.

Today, Dad and Martin Hughes (CEO) met with Kirsten Harrison to share the journey of Willow Primary Academy. Dad feels that it is important that we develop a strong relationship with Gloucestershire County Council and share the success of the school.

Have a great weekend!

Week 15, 2022 - 2023

I have had a short week in school and only did Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as Dad was away at a Headteacher Conference on Thursday and Friday. It sounded like a good Conference to go to, but I was not allowed. I am sure Dad will tell me all about it when he gets home.

We have had a busy week with lots of meetings with Finanace and IT. It is great to hear the school is doing well financially, and the support being offered by IT will benefit both Willow Primary Academy and The Piper Centre. New equipment is always welcomed and will only help to improve the learning opportunities for our pupils.

During Wednesday, Dad attended some online training regarding managing challenging behaviour. It was good to listen to all the strategies schools have to try to help a pupil. I just have to smile, look cute, and encourage someone to stroke me. Easy!

Week 14, 2022 - 2023

This has been a short week for me! I have not been in school every day but the days I have been in school have been great again. Dad and the other leaders had organised a company to develop some wall art for the school. They were installed at the beginning of this week and they look absolutely fantastic. They have really helped improve the school environment. Dad and some of the children went off to Young Voices 2023 at the beginning of this week. Dad told me it was a magical evening and the children were a credit to the school. I listened to the video of them signing ‘Proud’ with Heather Small was just so good. Hearing 6500 children sing was brilliant!

Week 13, 2022 - 2023

Happy New Year to you all. I had a great Christmas relaxing and playing with my new toys especially my new Christmas pudding toy. I enjoyed eating all of the lovely snacks I got for Christmas as well.

This week has been a very short week but it has been great to be back in school and play with all the children at playtimes and seeing them to come to school in such a happy place. I spent Thursday in Piper Centre for the day working with a member of staff from Milestone School working on assessment and setting up a new assessment system for the children in Piper Centre. I did rather get in the way during the staff meeting as other people wanted to sit on my sofa! I felt that was very inconsiderate.

Today I helped Dad and a lovely lady called Claire Murphy interview a potential candidate who would like to become a teacher. It was very interesting listening to everything that was asked and her responses.

Have a great weekend!

Week 12, 2022 - 2023

Wow! That was such a busy week in school with so many performances. The week began in a strange way as on Sunday night all of this white stuff fell out of the sky. I wasn’t sure what it was as I don’t remember snow but I had great fun playing in this during our snow day on Monday. I am so pleased everyone was so understanding s to why Dad closed school.

The children have been amazing in all of the performances and I am so proud of all them for standing up in front of audience and remembering all of those lines, songs and dance moves. I have tried to learn the dances but it is really not my thing. We enjoyed a fabulous Christmas lunch this week. I even got some meat which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The week ended with the school being invaded by the Grinch but with the help of my Dad we managed to scare him off and hopefully never to be seen again! I hope everyone has a great Christmas and you all get what you wished for. I am hoping for some sausages for Christmas!!!

Week 11, 2022 - 2023

It is nearly Christmas at Willow Primary Academy and we have been busy this week getting the children ready for their big performances next week! I have been to see some of the performances and the children are doing so well with practicing all of their lines and songs. We also enjoyed the pantomime this week which was put on by M&M Theatrical Productions. It was absolutely fantastic and the children loved the panto and clearly thoroughly enjoyed it.

This week we have had our School Improvement Partner visit for the Piper Centre and it was great to hear that they are doing so well with making the provision effective for the children. All the staff are working so hard to ensure that all elements of the school run really well.

I am so excited for next week and can’t wait to see all the performances! I have also heard it is Christmas Dinner  . . . I wonder if I can sneak some food!

Week 9 and 10, 2022 - 2023

Well, I didn’t write my blog last week. I promise I was not being lazy, but Dad had three days out of school as he was beginning his National Professional Qualification in Executive Leadership. I had three days at home with my best mate, Benji. I did return to school on Thursday and Friday last week and it was great to join in with Children in Need and I wore my spotty bow tie with pride all day!

This week has been really busy for us, and we have enjoyed welcoming a variety of visitors to school. This has included Annette Fidderman who is the newly appointed School Improvement Lead for SAND Academies Trust. They talked about all the changes that have been implemented since we started. They then went on a learning walk to see all the children engaging really well with their learning. It was such a positive time for them. When they arrived back in the office, they found a trail of destruction. I had got bored and hungry and thought I would search through the bags. I found a sandwich, but I struggle to use zips so had to rip the bag open to get to the sandwich. I did feel satisfied afterwards, but I don’t think Dad was too impressed.

Also, this week we have had a visit from Ken Buxton who worked with Dad, one of the teachers and a Head Teacher from a local school. They spent the morning looking at writing and ensuring that there was progression across the school. They also considered the challenge for children working at a greater depth. It was a positive morning and all of the people working could see the positive steps that had been taken to improve the quality of writing. Dad was given some development points which I am sure will be implemented quickly.

I have made some new friends this week and it is great to see the new children we have in school and look forward to welcoming some more on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

Week 8, 2022 - 2023

Another week has gone by at Willow Primary Academy. We have been busy again ensuring that we are doing the best we possibly can do for all the children that attend Willow and The Piper Centre. We have had a couple of late nights this week with parents evening for Willow. It was great to see so many parents come and celebrate their child’s achievements with the teachers, and I was pleased to see so many leaving happy. We had school photos on Tuesday. I even had my photo taken and can’t wait to see my picture on the staff board. It was hard work staying in the right place for so long. Dad and I visited another school this week and Dad met with the Head Teacher. It is great that I was able to go around the school and meet the children. They all seemed so happy to see. They don’t have a school dog yet but do have school guinea pigs. I was not so sure about them! During the week, Dad spent time in the Piper Centre and the learning over there was strong and it was great to hear the positive feedback given to the teachers. As Dad was a Maths Conference on Friday, I was able to have the day off. Apparently, hotels don’t like dogs wondering around! Good luck to the football team who are playing Grange Primary School.

Week 7, 2022 - 2023

Another week has absolutely flown by, but I have loved seeing the children. IT as amazing to the welcome the children back to school on Monday after their week off and even the weather has been really bad at times, we have still managed to play outside. At lunchtime today I even had a bib but didn’t join in with the football. I am not sure that I am the best footballer.

Dad has been working hard this week on ensuring that the Quality of Education at Willow is as good as possible. He had a meeting with the External School Improvement Advisor with Mrs. Tonks, and they were discussing about all the different opportunities children get at Willow and making sure that these are as good as possible. This was demonstrated through the Giant Construction Workshop on Thursday. The children have absolutely LOVED the ‘Kapla Giant Construction Workshop’ today!  They displayed every PRIDE value to develop our whole school creation.  The children were highly praised by our visitor for their behaviour and attitude; it was faultless! A proud day to be a member of the Willow Pride!

Also, this week we have welcomed Cain and Helen to school. Cain has cerebral palsy, and it was great to meet him again and hear about the challenges he faces in his life. The children listened so weel to the talk and asked some great questions.

Week 6, 2022 - 2023

Well I was so tired on Friday, I forgot to write my blog. It has been a really busy term and the last week has been no different. The children only had four days in school but I went for five so I could listen to all the training that was happening.

During Monday I waved off Elm Class as they went to Warwick Castle. I heard they had the best time and were so well behaved. Some of the children recognised the key features of the castle. I hope it brought their learning to life.

This week we have had so many bikes at school as the Year 6 children have been taking part in Bikeability. They all did so well.

Dad took a group of boys to play football against St James Junior School. Dad was so proud of them and told me they won 7-0. I stayed at school to keep an eye on the children attending the Film Night organised by the Friends of Willow. It was a well supported event and will help to raise additional funds for school. Maybe they will buy me a friend!!!

During the week, Dad has had s number of meetings. These have included a meeting with School Improvement Advisor. They talked about maths and making the curriculum stronger. That is so important as I really struggle with maths.

I was delighted to welcome Ian Plested to school. I have met him previously and he will produce a great video of the school. I can’t wait to see it. I will share the video when I can.

On Thursday, Dad met Joanne Hampton from the Regional Schools Commissioner’s offices. It was great to show her round both Willow Primary Academy and The Piper Centre. She seemed pleased with what she saw. Also, on Thursday, we had a visit from the Dogs Trust to teach the children about being safe around dogs. I did get scared of the toy dog, Benny. I thought it was real!!!

We started Friday with a breakfast with the staff at Piper Centre. It was great to share their bacon. The rest of the day was all about the staff developing their knowledge in lots of different ways. They considered the effects of trauma on the brain and how this affects children’s ability to learn. We then had lots of different sessions on teaching and learning, subject leadership, SEND and Dad finished the day by sharing the results of the recent parent and staff surveys. It was a great way to finish the term. Have a great holiday everyone!!!

Week 5, 2022 - 2023

I have finished another week at work, and we have been so busy again. Monday, we had a lot of meetings. We began with a Health and Safety Meeting. I did find this a bit boring at times, but I was pleased to hear that the school is doing well on keeping everyone safe. It is such an important thing!!! I even have a risk assessment. I don’t understand why I need one! I also had a meeting with parents of the Piper Centre. It was great to meet them. Finally, I went to Football Club. I can’t wait for our next match.

Tuesday, we spent the day in the Piper Centre. As the children are not as used to me, I spent the day with Dad, but it was great to see some of them during the day.

During Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday school was open to parents to meet their child’s teacher. It was great to welcome them to school. Thank you for coming to school.

On Thursday I went to Central Office at Milestone School. There was a meeting of all the Heads and the CEO. It was a bit boring, so I just lay on the CEO’s feet to keep them warm. All the Heads had biscuits, but no one brought one for me! During the afternoon, I met Kerry Brimsfield who is Chair of Trustees. Dad showed her around school. She seemed very pleased with what she saw.

On Friday, Dad met a new lady who might work in the Office when Lucy goes on maternity leave. She seemed nice and liked me so hopefully she will take the job. The rest of the day, Dad worked with the School Improvement Advisor on the Quality of Education. They are working hard to make the school a great place. One more week to go!!! Have a great weekend!

Week 4, 2022-2023

Well, what a week that was. I have been so busy this week! During Monday I met a possible new pupil who might join Willow. I tried my best to give her my best smile. During the day Dad also met a lady to discuss the possibility of after school provision. We are hoping this will start in January 2023. Dad said he will send some more information out shortly. We also ran our first football club, it was exciting to have so many children coming to the club. On Tuesday, Dad had a lots of meetings with the School Improvement Partner and a member of the Local Advisory Board. They had lots of meetings with Subject Leaders and discussing the curriculum. This is obviously really important work but I did enjoy when I was collected at lunchtime to go outside. The following day, Dad was able to be with the children much more which is good as the meetings can get a bit boring. This meant I was able to wonder the classrooms and Dad has started going out most lunchtimes. I just roam around and enjoy the children fussing me. As the week drew to a close we had two exciting events coming up. The first was a football tournament at Oxstalls Sports Park. They boys did so well and tried really hard. They finished second and went away with some medals. I was so proud of them! The second event was meeting the New CEO for SAND. His name is Martin Hughes. It is the first time I have met him but he seems like a great guy who has a strong vision for the next stage of development for the Trust. I can’t believe how much I have crammed in this week and can’t wait to relax at the weekend!

Week 3, 2022 - 2023

Well, this week has been a quiet one for me. I was not feeling up to school on Monday as I felt sick. I had a day of rest and recuperation. Think I ate something I shouldn’t have done during my walk on Sunday.

During Tuesday, Dad spent time in classes and especially focused on Key Stage 1. He told me he saw some great learning happening with children trying hard. Some of the writing in Ash Class was amazing. I wish I could write with a pencil. It looks so much fun.

Over the next couple of days, I spent time outside at playtime and lunchtime. This is still my favourite time of day. I love being free and with the children. Just before lunchtime on Thursday, Dad put me in the car. We had to go home. I thought I had done something wrong, but Dad explained he had a meeting with the Head Teachers who are part of Gloucestershire Schools Partnership. I wanted to go to see if there were any school dogs, I could make friends with, but Dad said I had to stay at home. He was there again on Friday, so I again missed the PRIDE Assembly, but I hope to be there next week. I love seeing the children’s faces when they get a certificate.

Have a great weekend!

Week 2, 2022 - 2023

It has been a strange week this week. It all started on Monday and I was very sad watching the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I spent the entire funeral thinking about her Corgis and I hope that someone is able to take good care of them.  I am not sure if King Charles III is a dog lover!!

So we started back in school on Tuesday. I had to work hard on Tuesday as some children seemed quite upset but I gave them my best smile and it seemed to work to help them feel better. I really hope the children appreciated it. Dad met with Mrs. Hendry to ensure that the school is doing everything it can to keep the children safe. This seemed very comprehensive to me and they certainly had a lot to discuss, but I think it showed what a great job the school are doing.

Wednesday came and Dad had lots of meetings with staff to discuss their performance and targets for this year. All the staff had worked hard to come prepared to the meeting and they both shared some great ideas and all was linked to making Willow a better place to come!

On Thursday, Dad went off with Mrs. Tonks to do some lesson observations. I was interested to find out more but Dad thought I would distract children from learning. This is probably a fair point as I do end up distracting the children. Dad and Mrs. Tonks was pleased with the lessons they saw and gave development points and strengths to the teachers they saw teach.

Today, was so embarrassing. I went out briefly at lunchtime and saw a group of boys playing football. I trotted over as that looked like fun  but then I needed to go the toilet. I ended up going in the middle of the football picth. How embarrassing is that?

Week 1, 2022 - 2023

Hello to everyone and welcome back to school following the Summer Holidays. I had a great summer and it was nice to be looked after by only three children but I did miss all the children at Willow. I kept telling my friend, Benji, about my experiences at school.

It has been great to be back at school and see all the children at school. I have met lots of new children and it has been great to see the new Reception start so well. I can’t wait for next week to see them for the full day in school.

This week, Dad and I, have been doing lots of walking around school so we can see all of the fantastic learning that is happening already this year. I still enjoy going out with the children at playtime and running around with them. It is certainly my favourite time of the day.

Today, I was given a day off as Dad had a Head Teacher meeting with other schools in Gloucester. It didn’t sound like my sort of day but I did miss out on a bacon sandwich!

I am trying to remember that I must not come to school on Monday as this is the funeral of her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It has been such a sad time for her family and my thoughts will be with them on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Week 5, 2022

Apparently, I have finished for the Summer. I didn’t realise that I got a Summer Holidays. This is very exciting but I will miss all the children at Willow as they seem to like me.

This week began with some ridiculous temperatures. It was so hot especially walking around wearing a black coat. Everyone else, including my Dad, seemed to dress differently. I wish I could have taken my coat off! Everyone in school did really well to cope with the heat and the school made lots of adjustments to help the children with this like relaxed playtimes, keeping doors and windows and having the option of going home early.

On Tuesday we had the Year 6 Leavers Assembly. They did so well remembering all their words and I am sure they will do themselves proud at secondary school. I wonder if any of them have a school dog!

On Thursday I loved spending time with the children, on their last day. I went a bit crazy at lunchtime and just started running around. I dnt really know why but the children in Acorn, Ash, Birch and Chestnut absolutely loved it. We also celebrated all the children in PRIDE assembly before they went home for the Summer Holidays.

I decided not to come to school today as the children weren’t there. Some of the staff were sad about this so my dad promised I would come for the training days in September.

Have a great summer and see you in Septemeber!

Week 4, 2022

Well, it has been a hot week at school but not as hot as next week! I am not sure I am able to come to school on Monday and Tuesday due to the weather warning but we will see.

The week began with a visit from the School Improvement Partner who was at school to help Dad and Mrs. Tonks assess the progress that the children have made this year. They talked a lot about data but I didn’t really understand. Dad also had some more ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions and I met some more families which was great. I am looking forward to meeting more at Sports Day later this week but I am not sure what this is yet!

During the week Dad has been meeting with lots of staff to discuss how school is going since we started. The staff feel we have done well an our beginning to make a difference to Willow Primary Academy since we started. I am pleased we are making a difference.

On Wednesday we had Sports Day. It was all about races! I tried starting a dog race but no one else was a dog so couldn’t join in. Everyone gave me a big cheer which was great as I was the winner! I found an apple to eat to celebrate. Some of the children were very fast in the running races and they did so well in the other races. I did think they looked silly trying to race in sacks but they tried so hard. Well done to everyone for taking part and especially the winners of each race. The Year 6’s had a great time raising money after school on Wednesday and did a great job. I did help clearing up the popcorn.

Dad had a meeting with other Head Teachers on Friday but they didn’t want a school dog to attend so I had a day off with my friend, Benji, at home! I hope I see you all next week!




Week 3, 2022

Another exciting week at Willow has passed and it has been busy again. I have enjoyed my time in school especially at lunchtimes where the children are teaching me to chase a ball and bring it back. Today was a bit hot so I ended up lying under a tree in the shade. Lunchtimes are my favourite time of day as the smells from the kitchen are so enticing. I also get to go outside most lunchtimes and love enjoying strokes from the children.

This week the focus has been getting to know the parents and families. Dad has run some ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions and he has talked to them about the results of the parent survey. I really enjoyed hearing that children were safe and happy at Willow Primary Academy. I know Dad is keen to work quickly on the areas for improvement and I hope you are seeing an improvement with communication to families already. There are final ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions on Monday at 9.00 am and 2.30 pm and I would love to meet some of you.

I attended some training on Monday regarding the new curriculum for September 2022 for the Foundation Subjects. I wasn’t sure what these were but Dad told me it is not the important stuff like English and Maths but all the other lessons. The new curriculum looks exciting and I especially love the ‘hook’ at the beginning of the unit which could incorporate a trip or visit. Hopefully, I get to go on some! I also excited about the event at the end of the unit where children celebrate their learning. This will be great to see all the children’s work.

I went to Oak Class one day this week and some of the children were missing. I got really worried but Dad reassured me as they were at their new school for September. They are all going to Secondary School which sounds really big and grown up. I don’t think I am ready for that, yet!

The week ended with a visit from an author called Andy Seed. He told my Dad that the children were well behaved and showed a real passion for reading. The photos will be on the newsletter next week. Off to find a cool area of my house as it is far too hot!

Week 2, 2022

Wow!!! It has been such a busy week full of all sorts of exciting adventures and experiences. I am now getting sued to being at Willow Primary Academy and I am beginning to learn more children’s  and staff names. I have even met some of the other Head Teachers and the CEO of SAND Academies Trust. More about that later!

Monday was soon here and my Dad told me his focus this week was getting to know the children and staff better by spending time in classes and out at lunchtimes. Sometimes I had to stay in the office on my own as it distracts the children from their learning if I am in the classroom. On Monday, Dad went to Ash Class and spent time watching the Phonics teaching that was happening. he was really pleased when he came back that there was strong teaching of Phonics. I did enjoy going out at playtimes and lunchtimes and playing with the children!

On Tuesday morning, Dad went to the Piper Centre on Tuesday morning. I was not allowed to go but I do love seeing the children arrive at The Piper Centre in the mornings. Some of them love coming to say hello. Tuesday was a really day but I met lots of great people. Dad also paid a visit to Acron Class to see their fanastic learning. I love going to Acorn class as I always get a warm welcome! Dad had a meeting with three people on Tuesday afternoon. They were Clare Silvester (School Improvement Partner), Bob Pattenden (SAND Trustee) and Wendy Ward (Governor). This was a meeting to discuss how Willow is doing and what we need to do next. There was lots of talking but I think they came up with some great ideas! After that we had to stay late for a Governors Meeting. I got very distracted during the meeting as it was in the hall and I was clearing up any bits that the children had dropped at lunchtime. It was the cleanest the hall had ever been!

On Wednesday morning, we spent time with Chestnut Class. They had been working on some really hard tests so they spent some time outside playing games. I enjoyed running up and down with them. I didn’t really get the game but I kept getting tagged. It just felt like they wanted to stroke me but apparently I was out!!! I did get tired so I went to chill out! I also got to meet some of the new children who are starting at school in September. They were so good at doing the ‘Willow Walk’! I think they will be a great Reception Class.

I attended my first PRIDE Assembly this week. It did make the children a little excited me being in the hall but they all have done amazingly well this week especially with their attendance as all classes had attendance of over 90% an Acorn Class had attendance of 99%. This is amazing and it really helps our learning if we are at school every day. It was great helping to give out certificates!

Friday was a little strange. Dad had a meeting with the CEO and other heads at Head Office so we went on a walk before the meeting. I can’t really remember what happened in the meeting as I fell asleep. I came back to school and enjoyed seeing all the children and went out to see the children taking part in the MAD (Military Activity Days) Events. The children were having a great time!

Week 1, 2022

After a few weeks off work I am suddenly back at school but this is not The Ridge Academy. My Dad (Mr. Hales) has taken me to a new school, Willow Primary Academy. We have a nice big office and there are lots of new smells to explore and lots of new people to meet. My Dad tells me that this school has two separate parts and lots more classes than my last school. I am excited to meet all of the new people.

We first of all meet the staff during a briefing session. This seems like a great place to be as there was breakfast, but apparently I am not allowed any. Seems silly to me but I am told it would make me ill. I think I know best! Dad tells the staff we are focusing on Health and Safety and Safeguarding during our week. This seems a bit boring to me as I just want to explore but it is important stuff to get right . . . I am sure humans have their priorities wrong!

During the first day, I go into the hall and see lots of children sitting beautifully listening to my Dad. This other person, who keeps giving me treats, brings me into the hall to meet everyone. All the children seem excited and Miss Tonks gives me to my Dad. I see lots of children at playtime. I am introduced slowly to the children but as I have been a school dog before it is easy. I am well behaved and listen to the instructions which means I was allowed off my lead to explore. I did enjoy running up and down the field with lots of children. I am enjoying being in school and seeing all of the great things going on and it makes me proud to see children doing the ‘Willow walk’. I have tried but I can’t get my paws behind my back!

Today, I got up for work and Dad left on his own! I was gutted! He said he had some boring meetings that I couldn’t come to. I did miss the PRIDE Assembly today which was very upsetting as I didn’t see all the fabulous certificates. I am looking forward to Friday as I have an important visitor to meet.

So today, my Dad went to meet Councilor Miller and Richard Graham MP who came to open our fantastic new play equipment at The Piper Centre. This was funded by the remarkable Pied Piper Charity and will certainly prove an invaluable resource for the children. It has been a long week and I am feeling tired now but I have enjoyed meeting the children at Willow Primary Academy so much and can’t wait for more adventures next week !